Natasha Thorpe is a multidisciplinary designer specializing in total design environments and object design. Designing every aspect in and of an environment allows for a unique sensory experience that operates seamlessly and cohesively. Translation of collective meaning and symbolism into impactful design. Context and setting driven design for every day, and days of exception. Moments, whole lives. And everything in between.

She has completed a bachelor’s degree of industrial design at University of Montreal, studied furniture design at the Florence Institute of Design International, and has interned at the furniture company Arper in Treviso.

In 2018, the design of Go Orthodontistes Clinic Brossard was the recipient of three awards during the 11th edition of the Grands Prix de Design. The prizes were awarded for: valorization of wood in industrial and product design, residential commercial or integrated design products in small series, and for a health office or clinic.